Download: How to choose a facial plastic surgeon?


Do face plastic surgeries imply significant risks for general health?

No, these procedures in opposition to body surgeries are performed under local anesthesia, or superficial general sedation plus local. So, facial procedures are much more benign to your corporal systems than body cosmetic operations. Nevertheless any invasive medical procedure carries a certain degree of risk that you should discuss and address with your surgeon.

Are facial cosmetic surgeries very painful?

No, most facial procedures do produce swelling and sometimes bruising, but are not that painful, generally there is a tolerable discomfort.

I’ve always wanted to have cosmetic surgery done on my nose, but I am very concerned about nose packing, besides I’ve seen people with operated look noses and even others whose noses became worse after a surgery. Is there any chance that this could happen to me?

In my practice I don’t use nasal packing in rhinoplasties. When evaluating nose surgery outcomes we must have in mind the fact that this is the most complex esthetic surgery of all, and its result is directly related with the degree of training and specialization of the surgeon. An experimented surgeon generally gets natural looking noses with visible improvement, but not necessarily milimetricaly perfect due to the variable way every individual heals. So no, there is no chance your nose becomes a disaster and yes, it’s going to look natural. Nevertheless there is a 10% patients (even in best hands) that require a small reintervention or retouch, after the healing process is accomplished.

May I have face surgery with a facial surgeon like you and at the same time body surgery with other surgeon?

Yes, we frequently have a multidisciplinary approach. In the same surgical act we may perform face and body esthetic surgeries working as a team.

I want to have facial rejuvenation but I am afraid of getting an unexpressive or excessively tight look. Does this happen?

No, surgical techniques have evolved. Dr Benavides performs different kinds of surgeries but always tightening face muscles leaving skin with very little tension. This allows you to have short recovery time and very natural and long lasting results.

In some people operated for improving eyebrows and crow’s feet I have seen poor results and thread vectors that are somewhat visible through the skin. Why is this?

In my concept with minimally invasive techniques such as Russian threads you get minimal long term results. So these techniques are not for everyone, besides it is not uncommon to see how threads reveal through forehead skin. Dr Benavides prefers usually endoscopic foreheadplasty which implies forehead muscles treatment without threads. This is a more complex technique, but results are more natural and long lasting.