Gilberto Benavides
Dr. Benavides is an otolaryngologist who had specialized training in Universidad del Valle, a top medical school in Colombia which is also a very well recognized university in Latin America. This institution has a national leadership in teaching of functional, esthetic and reconstructive face and neck surgery. He also was a visiting physician at Harvard Medical School and affiliated hospitals in Boston, USA. And approved the American academic medical examination (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates).
His academic background includes four years of formal training exclusively in functional reconstructive and esthetic face and neck surgery. Therefore Dr Benavides is specialized exclusively in face and neck.
He is a member of the Colombian Society of Facial Plastic Surgery and Rhinology and the Colombian Otolaryngology Association.
He is author of medical articles on facial surgery and ear pathology published in one of the world’s most important journal of his specialty. He also was nationally first place awarded for his research in this area of scientific knowledge. He was also member of the Colombian Committee of Experts on Allergy and Inflammation (Bogotá 2008). And has a teaching position at the Plastic, Esthetic and Reconstructive Surgery program of Juan N. Corpas University. Bogotá, Colombia.
Dr Benavides is one of the few latin american surgeons who approved the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery board examination, and then became International Facial Plastic Surgery Board Certified,   www.iffpss.org/certificants.html
His professional work at the moment is focused on developing the safest and most innovative techniques in face and neck surgery by using state of the art technology.
He is an active advisor of the state committee of beauty contests (beauty pageants are very popular and traditional in Colombia) and performs face surgery on contestants.
Dr. Benavides speaks English and performs numerous surgeries on both Colombian and foreign patients. He always has time to listen and warmly cares about every patient’s concerns. His personal work philosophy is achieving harmony and non operated look on his patients faces.

Publications and awards


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    Gilberto Benavides, Pamela Villate, Carolina Malaver.
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  • First Place National Research Contest on Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. “Phenol Laryngeal Chemodenervation, a model in primates”. National Congress, Santa Marta, Colombia. 2002.
  • First Place 2º 3º y 4º year of residency in Otolaryngology, Universidad del Valle, Colombia.
  • Scientific research merit award. Asociación Vallecaucana de Otorrinolaringología, Cirugía de Cabeza y Cuello, Maxilofacial y Estética Facial. Cali, Colombia. 2002.
  • Harvard Medical School,  Boston USA. Visiting Physician Dr. R. Maslan, Neurociencias.
  • ECFMG Certification (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) No. 0-586-167-9. Philadelphia, USA. 1998.
  • Professor, Plastic Esthetic and Reconstructive Surgery program at Juan N. Corpas University. Bogotá, Colombia.